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The Junk Car Buyer Association is an organization of  salvage yard owners and professional junk car buyers who have agreed to a standard of ethical and environmentally sound business practices. We believe that people looking to sell a junk, wrecked, or totaled car, should have access to businesses that will offer a fair price, deal honestly with their customers, and keep their word.

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The junk car industry has a poor reputation amongst American consumers. Tow operators too often show up late, if at all, to pick up the vehicles they offer to buy. Car buyers too often quote  one price on the phone, and then haggle you down when they come to pick up a junk car.

By setting a standard and clearly conveying to the public that you're  not part of that "poor reputation", the Junk Car Buyer Association Helps you bulid your business...And overcome many of the hurdles that face today's junk car industry...

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